Sorin Cacio

Situated within the historic market town of St Ives, Fidelio Tattoo Studio is unlike any other studio you have been to. Upon entering the warm and welcoming environment of Fidelio you will be greeted by Sorin Cacio and his highly skilled and experienced team. Sorin has gained critical acclaim from every corner of Europe whether it be Italy, Russia, Ireland, Holland, Romania or the UK, Sorin’s work speaks for itself.

Sorin has a unique and diverse style that has been lauded by critics and clients alike. Specialising in portraits, his trademark hyper realistic style and attention to detail sets him apart from his contemporaries. Sorin also enjoys working closely with clients to create original and bespoke designs bringing life to clients’ vision, resulting in a beautiful tattoo that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Viewing tattooing as a form of art, Sorin and his team treats the clients’ skin as a painter would treat a canvas. This means settling at nothing less than perfection. Fidelio uses only the latest state of art equipment to ensure the design is flawless.

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